AS Productions proudly presents…

Welcome to the offical website for Western Washington University’s VikingCon! We’re excited to announce this event and all of the wonderful segments and special guests.

Registration is now live, so head over to the Register Now section to reserve your spot. The VIP All-Access packages are limited, so don’t miss out on your chance to listen to and meet William B. Davis.



  1. jonwiggs · · Reply

    Like all of us who helped run VikingCon for many years in the past. Guess those didn’t count. Thanks guys, good luck with your FIRST EVER VikingCon!

  2. jonwiggs · · Reply

    So I mention that this is indeed not the first VikingCon, that many of us had been organizing and attending VikingCon for many years and my reply on this page get’s deleted. Way to go guys, three cheers for transparency!

  3. Hi Jon, we are the student organizers (19-21 years old), and so we had no idea there was a VikingCon over a decade ago. We changed all the publicity and pages to get rid of the “first-ever” phrase, but looks like we missed this one, thanks for letting us know!

  4. Sarah · · Reply

    Here’s a link to some information I found with a fairly accurate list.

  5. Glad to see it’s being resurrected. VikingCon was always the best. Best of luck!

  6. Paul C · · Reply

    Thank you for removing the “first-ever” phrase. It may be a different event, but it may be of interest to those who used to organize or attend the 20 years of a namesake.

  7. Absolutely, never our intention to claim it’s originality, like I said, we’re just college student trying to put on a great event, and had no idea of it’s background when we implemented it!

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