Featured Guest of the Week: Wizards of the Coast

This week’s featured guest is R.E. Dalrymple, Senior Brand Manager at Wizards of the Coast. For those who don’t know, Wizards is an American publisher of games, primarily based on fantasy and science fiction themes, and is responsible for popularizing Magic: The Gathering. Fun fact, former WWU student Simon Blackwell is now the VP of Technology.

R.E., also a WWU alum, began at Wizards in 1996, helping build the global tournament system for Magic: the Gathering. Transitioned to Wizards’ Brand Management in 2005, taking responsibility for Wizards’ Japanese business, with a particular focus on Brand Development for the market’s lead TCG for kids: Duel Masters. Spearheaded the reinvention of the TCG business in 2007 to create steady stream of interconnected, surprising and exciting products and stories keeping fans engaged in brand activity throughout each year. Duel Masters became the #1 selling toy (not just TCG) in Japan in 2008, reinvigorating the entire Japanese TCG category. In 2010, Wizards decided to take Duel Masters global, and RE became the Global Brand Lead responsible for reinventing the brand’s story, product and brand plan for a global audience under a new name: Kaijudo. In mid-2012, Kaijudo launched successfully on TV, online and at retail, continuing its growth and expansion to the present day.

R.E. will be speaking on the “Character Archetypes” and “Getting Into The Industry” panels.


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