Western Washington University is proud to present…


“VikingCon” is a cultural convention that serves as a place for individuals involved in the comic world across all levels of experience to come together and engage in meaningful conversations and explorations. Through various segments and panels, attendees are able to celebrate their passion for the comic and graphic novel world, while also participating in important discussions about society and culture as represented in various aspects of the comic industry. Several topics illuminated in this year’s conference include sexism and stereotypes, character archetypes in the comic world, gaming as an art, among many others.

We aim to bring comic-world industry professionals outside of the fast-paced business world, and to an intimate conversation. This will be an opportunity to build connections and start a discussion around the comic culture, not just as an art form, but as a movement that unites people.

The conference will take place on Western’s campus in Bellingham, WA on Saturday, May 11th, and will include 8 panels with comic/gaming/television industry professionals covering topics from across all areas of the comic world, a featured keynote speaker (William B. Davis, The X-Files) for VIP ticket holders, and an exclusive Exhibition Hall featuring local and regional creators, retailers, and WWU clubs.

Visit the Panels, Guests, Schedule, and Register Now tabs for more information.


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